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Singapore Airlines does the business

March 19, 2014

It’s goodness knows how long since British Airways raised the bar in business class travel with its flat bed. Since then other airlines have redesigned their business class cabins, but some major airlines are still offering angle-flat beds, which slope downwards rather than lie flat.

This means that you spend the night sliding down, usually staying awake in anticipation of a downward motion.

Singapore Airlines has not made that mistake. For some time now it has offered a proper business class bed, and its product on the A380 is as good as it gets.

I tried it out on a flight from Paris to Singapore, a 12-hour haul usually done overnight. Boarding early, I checked out the cabin and noted there was an economy section at the rear, and took the opportunity to try the economy seat. Not bad, I can tell you — plenty of pitch, a foot rest, and a good recline. If push came to shove, I could handle that.

By comparison, however, my business class seat was palatial. It was fully equipped for working or relaxing, with a big screen and endless movies, games and audio programs.

Champagne, sir? I hate to see it go to waste, and from that moment on a smiling, smart flight attendant rarely left my side. The food and wines were excellent, after which I slept well — on a fully flat bed of course — and awoke just in bed for a hand-made breakfast.

The A380 is as quiet as a glider, a magnificent aircraft that delivered me to Singapore right on time. Ten out of ten!Image

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