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Seat mystery with Thai

March 19, 2014

I will never forget the travel agent in Vancouver, Canada, who had a small sign on her desk which said: “If you can afford to fly first class and you don’t, your relatives will.”

That advice holds true today, even if many travel agents have been put out of business by the internet.

But many good ones survive, usually because they know the business. Such as the one who advised me when I wanted to fly from Bangkok to Brussels. I knew that Thai Airways had a non-stop service with its Boeing 777, but was concerned about the business class seat.

Was it a flat bed, or the dreaded angle-flat? The airline’s website suggested the latter, and I was all set to shuttle to Singapore to take the SQ (Singapore Airlines) flight to Paris, then the train to Brussels.

Then a travel agent told me that on certain flights, maybe twice a week, the aircraft on the route was a Boeing 777-300ER, and that aircraft’s business class was configured with a flat bed, in fact the same bed as the A380. Yet there was no information to this effect on the airline’s website, and when I phoned Thai’s reservation department there was no clarity on the matter.

So it was with some foreboding that we boarded the aircraft, but sure enough, we had two beds that were perfectly flat and comfortable, and a very good night’s sleep was had.

FYI — these flights leave around midnight, so passengers have a choice of dinner beforehand or a meal on the plane. Fact is that Thai’s business class lounge at Bangkok offers plenty of tasty food, and French wine, while you are waiting, although the lounge does get very busy.Image

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