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Where to eat at Malaga airport

March 13, 2013

Eating at airports is not a good idea as restos tend to be expensive, crowded, noisy and lacking the most important ingredient, good food.

Why I ventured into O’Leary’s Sports Bar at Malaga airport beats me. I must have been lost. If I had read Trip Advisor I would have run a mile. It has two posts and both say the service was terrible.

But I persevered and you know what – its cheeseburgers are superb. Best I have ever had. So good that I went back a second time, and my cheeseburger was historic (now that Michael Winner is upstairs I feel I can use that word). Chips were good too, if not up to Belgian standard.

I have to agree getting a table is not easy. You are supposed to wait for a hostess but a better way is just to look for an empty table and go and sit there, then find a waiter. And when your food arrives, ask for the bill.


O’Leary’s, can be busy but don’t let that put you off

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One Comment
  1. Hello David,

    i was in Malaga Airport one week ago and i tried your proposition: “O’Leary’s Sports Bar”. My god, it was terrific. The Cheesburger was more than superb. Thank you for the information.

    Best regard


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